Active Teambuilding

Get energetic and creative whilst exploring team dynamics and emotional intelligence with our unique indoor and outdoor active teambuilding events
  • A.C.E. (Air Cushioned Experience)

    Realise the seemingly impossible with home grown gravity defying vehicles

  • Battle of the Big Top

    Roll up! Roll up! For one day, take your team to the circus to perform the Greatest Show on Earth

  • Breakthrough

    Go back to basics for key breakthroughs in team dynamics with rapid, problem solving challenges

  • GOALL!!

    The shout that is universally associated with the passion and excitement of football is now an incredibly high-energy team building activity.

  • People Power Grand Prix

    Take your team to the racetrack with the thrills, spills and excitement of people powered karting

  • Rat Trap

    Teams build a series of enormous contraptions which when aligned in sequence to form an amazing chain reaction!

  • Survival!

    Challenge your people to the ultimate team experience as they work together to survive in the wild

  • Two Tribes

    An alternative Olympiad that provides sport for all. Two Tribes is a celebration of indigenous games from all corners of the world.

  • Urban Circus

    Motivate, inspire and teach your team new skills as they take on the adrenaline-fuelled challenge of becoming street performers

  • You Bet You Can

    Take on the You Tube challenge as your teams compete against one another to recreate You Tube team sensations