Pop Factor Creative Team Challenges

Pop Factor Recreate a classic music hit


  • 1 hour - 2 hours
  • Indoors and Outdoors
  • Competitive
  • Minimum: 10
  • Maximum: Unlimited

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Find out if your team have got the sought after 'X Factor' as they create and film their very own pop videos
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Program outline

Introducing Pop Factor…

From Pop Idol to The X Factor, old classics have been revived in many forms. Pop Factor is your team’s chance to take to the spotlight and experience the musical mayhem and glamorous world of popular music as they create and film their very own pop video. Glam rock, heavy metal, pop, punk, disco and new romantic - some of the best and most embarrassing tracks from the past and present will be revived, reinterpreted and recreated by your delegates. Pop Factor is hugely enjoyable but success is not that simple! It takes meticulous planning, detailed storyboarding, imaginative choreography, creative thinking and an all-round star team performance to create a winning musical sensation that will wow the judges. Pop Factor combines a dynamic and creative team challenge with the opportunity for everyone to get together and let their hair down as they reveal a side of themselves as yet unseen and unsuspected by their colleagues! Why not find out if your team have the ‘X factor’ today?

What will happen during Pop Factor?

  • To begin, your delegates will be taken on a trip down memory lane through the music videos of pop.
  • Each team will then be challenged to create their very own version of a famous band’s pop video.
  • Your teams will be given all manner of props designed to help them into pop star character, including outrageous costumes, wigs, make up and blow-up instruments.
  • Adding imagination and creative thinking, each team will also need to find a location for their video; choreograph their dance routine; polish their story line and perfect their lip-syncing!
  • Whilst rehearsals are taking place, two team members will visit the camera workshop to learn how to use those all-important special effects – fading, ghosting, mixing and strobe.
  • As your teams re-enact the fabulous videos they used to dream about starring in, the final cut will be filmed.
  • Later, your delegates will attend a dazzling awards ceremony, where they will experience the ‘glitz and glamour’ lifestyle of Pop Factor superstars.
  • The Pop Factor videos will be screened and awards handed out to recognise the best, worst and most flamboyant performances.

Learning and development outcomes

In this fun, laughter filled team challenge participants lose their inhibitions and get creative. They are challenged to step out of their comfort zone and take on roles of acting, performing and filming with hilarious results. Time is tight, so teamwork, strategy and efficient allocation and implementation of roles and tasks are critical to success. Through filming and refilming, teams learn to work towards excellence within a challenging time frame.

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Key Business Benefits

  • Cross Functional co-operation
  • Energising a conference
  • Fun & Motivation
  • Practical leadership
  • Stimulating Creativity
  • Team Dynamics
  • Uniting Teams

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