Icebreaker Games and Energisers

Every conference has its quiet times: refresh and motivate your audience with our creative energisers and icebreaker games.
  • BeatBox Rox

    Unite your team with an energising, speed-training vocal percussion workshop

  • Conference Energiser Body Rap
    Body Rap Conference Energiser

    Body Rap

    Experience sheer frivolity and merriment with this funky musical pick-me-up

  • Boom Time

    A unique and high-tech musical team building activity to energise a conference and unify teams.

  • Corporate Bodybuilding

    Literally breathe life into your organisation as your people create a living logo

  • Face to Face

    How well do you know your colleagues? Face-to-Face is a fun and highly interactive teambuilding activity of discovery.

  • Fever Pitch

    Capture the passion of football and bring the emotion of a big international into your conference.

  • Full House

    Get everyone moving and interacting in the fastest poker game you'll ever play.

  • Go Team - Quickfire

    A fast and furious event highlighting teams playing to its strengths in order to maximise their effectiveness by attempting a series of mental, physical and creative challenges.

  • Harmonica Harmony

    Blow away perceived limitations with a high-energy, mass harmonica jam session

  • Head to Toe

    Connect Mind to Body as you energise from Head to Toe

  • In the Picture

    Put your team in the picture by injecting the personal touch into your company logo or conference theme

  • Knowing Me Knowing You

    Break the ice and accelerate the networking process with this lighthearted, corporate speed-dating experience

  • Meditainment

    Ensure all your delegates are calm, soothed and 'in the zone' with this multi-sensory relaxation experience

  • Mexican Railway

    Mexican Railway embraces a very straightforward truth: teamwork is not only essential to success, it’s also a lot of fun!

  • One Voice

    Encourage your team to work in total harmony and unite with one voice through the power of song

  • Sound Crowd

    Creatively using wireless headphones generates massive amounts of fun, engagement and interaction

  • Sound FX

    Audiences co-ordinate a multitude of sound effects for a wacky car race animation

  • Sync Or Swim

    Challenge the synchronisation of your team in this dazzling Olympic spectacle... without the water!

  • Tubular Tunes

    Inspire, energise and entertain your team with this simple, pulsating, percussive extravaganza

  • We Can Do

    Boost delegate energy levels and inject a healthy dose of vitality into your conference, meeting or workplace.

  • Win It In A Minute

    Fast, fun and action packed series of 60 second challenges