How The West Was Won Action packed wild-west business game


  • 2 hours - 3 hours
  • Indoors
  • Competitive
  • Minimum: 50
  • Maximum: Unlimited

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Explore leadership, risk management and strategic implementation as your teams strive to make their fortune in an era of boundless opportunity

Program outline

Introducing How The West Was Won…

Set in a Wild West frontier town in the 1860’s, How The West Was Won mirrors the fluctuations and turbulent economic cycles of today’s business world. Focusing on risk management and strategic implementation over a four-year period, each team strives to make a fortune for their family dynasty. With a myriad of choices available and a wide range of possible outcomes, decisions have to be taken as a team. For this reason, trust, an efficient reporting procedure and the ability to refine strategies at a moment’s notice will be essential. How The West Was Won is without equal in its field. A powerful business simulation that delivers key business messages, How The West Was Won brings out the importance of strategic planning, negotiation, networking and leadership in a highly memorable way.

What will happen during How The West Was Won?

  • Each of your teams will take on the role of a family dynasty that has one aim: to make their fortune in an era of boundless opportunity.
  • How each family makes their fortune will be their decision.
  • They must study every opportunity and consider all options, calculate the risks involved and their potential return on investment.
  • Those who focus on a long-term strategy and use their resources to full effect will generally prevail.
  • Your teams may choose a strategic route by investing heavily in railroads, prospecting for gold or dealing with the Federal Reserve, at the same time as managing their relationships with other competing families.
  • Alternatively, your teams may decide on more tactical and unconventional high-risk methods such as gambling, rustling their neighbours’ cattle or even robbing the bank!
  • Every decision your teams make will come with risk attached.
  • It will be for each family to formulate a strategy, implement it according to their plan and be prepared to make quick, tactical decisions.
  • The rewards will be numerous and range from the accumulation of a small fortune to saving the local garrison.
  • The alternatives - such as the family ending up in jail or getting divorced - may prove rather costly! 
  • Your winning family will be the one who ends up with the greatest fortune at the end of four years.

Corporate Social Responsibility ideas Corporate Social Responsibility Logo

How The West Was Won is akin to a historical ‘Second Life’. The intricate game matrix sets up a common environment where participants are responsible for their own actions. Catalyst can tailor the content to raise awareness of sustainable and ethical business practice. Clients have used to this as platform to explore their own principles; the value they create for society, environmental impacts, use of resources and their affect on employees' lives.

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Key Business Benefits

  • Budget control
  • Corporate Responsibility
  • Customer Service
  • Fun & Motivation
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Managing change
  • Networking
  • Practical leadership
  • Risk management
  • Team Dynamics

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