Crowning Glory

Teams create a massive artistic collaborative installation from bottle caps.

1 - 2 hours
Indoors and Outdoors
30 - Unlimited


The group is divided into teams who are each responsible for creating a section of the final installation. Teams receive a few crowns and some instructions, but have no idea what the final artwork will look like. They must collaborate employing collective creative thinking to conceptualise, design and create a mosaic artwork with bottle tops. Some team members complete photo challenges to gain specific coloured crowns.

Others apply the crowns to the metal frame to create their masterpiece. Once complete, the panels are arranged in sequence. A debrief followed by the delegates turning around to see the dramatic reveal of the installation is the highlight of the event, which will be accompanied with thunderous applause and cheering. The completed masterpiece can be displayed back in the office as a lasting reminder of the importance of teamwork, trust and collaboration.

Key messages or company brand can be incorporated into the design for a truly original creation. With larger teams, the sheer size and colour of this masterpiece takes your breath away!

Learning Outcomes

Crowning Glory is a practical way of enhancing people skills, appreciating others, managing boundaries and developing a positive mindset. Success requires teams to work together to ensure there is symmetry and congruity between the sections of artwork to create a truly cohesive masterpiece.

Effective communication and active listening create a supportive ecosystem where team members develop trust and interact to help each other accomplish the task and promote one another’s success. The realisation that each person contributes their individual talent, strength and capability to their team grows as the activity progresses.

By taking a step back and viewing the final masterpiece the power of big picture thinking is highlighted – their Crowning Glory!!

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