Rock Idol

Teams learn to play together and wow the X Factor panel!

2 - 3 hours
20 - Unlimited


In Rock Idol, each individual team is responsible for a single soundtrack that will be included on a compilation album. During the event, teams will visit various “recording studios” to perform a particular segment of their song. Qualified musicians facilitate key elements, such as percussion, guitar, keyboard and vocals. The team will be taught to play their particular instrument and once perfection is reached, they will be recorded. When each team has experienced all the various workshops, they will assist the sound engineer with their recordings and their efforts will be mixed. The process completed, their recordings will produce a unique compilation sound track. A photo shoot with a professional photographer completes the challenge. Appropriate costumes are provided.

Learning Outcomes

Rock Idol is a collaborative challenge where teams work separately, drawing on individual team resources and skills and yet working toward a common goal. Innovation and creativity come into play as teams develop their music track. Participants stretch their belief in themselves as they learn the seemingly impossible: to play instruments and sing in a limited amount of time.

Teams work separately, calling on their individual team resources and skills, yet still working toward a common goal of producing a compilation album. Rock Idol utilises music to transcend cultural backgrounds and age groups.

Related Testimonial

Hilariously fun activity, helped people to get to know each other in a deeper way, beyond what they expected, music helped bridge the gap of age groups and cultural background. People let their hair down, shook of inhibitions and had a enjoyable time together.


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