Swipe Face

Swipe away ‘Zoom fatigue’

15 - 30 minutes
4 - Unlimited


Quick, fun and ingeniously simple Swipe Face is the perfect way to relax and engage remote audiences. Guided by our friendly host, players are challenged to submit successive selfie poses, like 'Tiger Roar' and 'Balloon Face'. With only 30 seconds to create each photo, the pace is hot, and at the end of each round, everybody scores each other using a ‘Tinder Swiping’ technique. Finally, the best poser is revealed, and participants leave with a 'rogues gallery' of shared memories. Flexible to any numbers and customized content available on request

Learning Outcomes

Maintaining an inclusive atmosphere is critical to the productivity of online meetings. "Virtual energizers' like Swipe Face helps set a supportive culture where all attendees feel comfortable in expressing ideas and opinion. Swipe Face 'breaks the ice' and overcomes the awkward silence often attributed to the start of remote get-togethers. As traditional working patterns inevitably shift, opportunities that allow co-workers to celebrate moments of shared humour help cement bonds once commonplace in regular office life.

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