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Team Torque Construct a model car for drag strip finale


  • 1 hour - 2 hours
  • Indoors
  • Competitive
  • Minimum: 40
  • Maximum: Unlimited

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Put your teams on pole position as they compete to build their own miniature cars ready for the ultimate drag race
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Program outline

Introducing Team Torque…

A packed crowd buzzes with excitement, all eagerly awaiting the first race! Entrants for the first heat – a nominated driver and mechanic from each team – appear and race cars are held aloft for the eager crowd to catch a glimpse of their competitors. Mechanics pump air into their miniature rocket cars, forcing them off the starting grid. The straighter and truer their course, the further and faster the cars will travel. Team Torque is a truly exhilarating event, bursting with energy and creativity. Not only must your teams compete in the 'Team Torque Grand Prix' but they must also strive to win the parts needed to build their model cars. Right from the start, teamwork is vital and the contributions of each and every team member will be critical to winning that final race. Depending upon your requirements, Team Torque can be tailored so that:
  • It is held as one event.
  • The Grand Prix is staged during dinner.
  • It is completed in stages during breakout periods throughout the day.
  • It is customised to your specific event.
So start your engines… rev up… and get your teams ready to race!

What will happen during Team Torque?

  • To begin, your teams will each be provided with the basic chassis of a model racing car, together with wheels and axles.
  • Each team will then be issued with a Challenge Menu, from which they must hand in vouchers to receive the equipment they will need to complete each challenge.
  • ‘Pit Stop Marshalls’ will then judge your teams’ attempts at their chosen challenges and award points based on their standard of achievement.
  • Each team must use these points to ‘buy’ the parts that will enable them to design and build their miniature F1 car. They should also acquire the uniforms they will need to look the part in their final challenge.
  • Teamwork will now go into overdrive, as each team produces their car: adapting and fine-tuning the bodywork and mechanics, creatively designing their branding and making the team flag.
  • Production time over, drivers must now point their cars down the track, whilst their mechanics pump air into their rocket cars from state-of-the-art, high-pressure pumps.
  • Once a certain pressure has been reached, the plastic seal that holds the air will explode, propelling each car off the starting grid and down the track.
  • Depending upon your requirements, the winner can be determined either by the car that travels the furthest or by the car that is first to cross the finishing line.

Learning and development outcomes

Teams must draw on their communication, leadership and project management skills in a series of exercies in order to gain the components to construct their cars and then build them with a limited amount of resources within an alloted time. Creativity and innovation is required to design a team slogan and banner.The race itself is a fun, energising and motivational exercise which enhances team dynamics and unties teams

Corporate Social Responsibility ideas Corporate Social Responsibility Logo

Team Torque is ideally suited to CR initiaties. It has been used to raise money for schools, hospitals and disaster relief.  Prior to the event, teams can seek sponsorship for their cars with the proceeds going to the desired charity. In other cases, teams bet on the winning cars, with the winners donating their winnings.

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Key Business Benefits

  • Budget control
  • Energising a conference
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Fun & Motivation
  • Practical leadership
  • Project planning
  • Stimulating Creativity
  • Team Dynamics
  • Uniting Teams

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