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Our fun team building activities have been intelligently designed to positively shift the motivational dynamics that influence team behaviour, productivity and performance. Use the Catalyst Event Finder to find a team building exercise to suit your team's specific needs.

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  • A.C.E. (Air Cushioned Experience)

    Realise the seemingly impossible with home grown gravity defying vehicles

  • Animate Logo


    Bringing business objectives, product launches and key messages to life in a fun way.

  • Arabian Market Team Building Game

    Arabian Market

    Arabian Market is a supercharged game of information gathering, haggling and building trust.

  • Astral Challenge

    Send your teams on a sleuthing adventure to literally 'join-the-dots' in your chosen location

  • Barkitecture

    Barkitecture draws on your team’s creativity, collaboration, resourcefulness and communication skills to construct and decorate a dog house.

  • Battle of the Big Top

    Roll up! Roll up! For one day, take your team to the circus to perform the Greatest Show on Earth

  • Bean Around The World

    Immerse your delegates in the exotic and ever-changing world of coffee commodities trading with this stimulating syndicate challenge

  • Beat the Box

    Teams combine their various skills to develop creative solutions to crack a code. To win they must enter the code into an electronic combination lock and unlock the box. before the time elapses!

  • BeatBox Rox

    Unite your team with an energising, speed-training vocal percussion workshop

  • BeatsWork

    Transform your team into a giant Samba band for teambuilding on a grand musical scale

  • Conference Energiser Body Rap
    Body Rap Conference Energiser

    Body Rap

    Experience sheer frivolity and merriment with this funky musical pick-me-up

  • Boom Time

    A unique and high-tech musical team building activity to energise a conference and unify teams.

  • Brand National

    Explore the ideas of brand identity with a gala celebration of your teams' very own countries and nations

  • Breakthrough

    Go back to basics for key breakthroughs in team dynamics with rapid, problem solving challenges

  • Uniting Teams with Bridging the Divide

    Bridging The Divide

    Bridge more than one divide by working in unison to design and construct an impressive bridge

  • Calling the Shots Team Building

    Calling The Shots

    Discover the langauge of wine in this mildly competitive and hugely fun wine-tasting experience

  • Cartoon Capers

    Inject hilarity and creativity into any event as your teams race to create their own comic cartoon capers

  • Chain Reaction Lifesize

    Challenge your team’s creativity, project management and teamwork skills in designing and building a cascading series of lifesize actions from recycled materials. Big actions - big impact!

  • Chain Reaction TableTop

    In Chain Reaction TableTop, teams create a series of simple machines, which when joined together with those from other teams, become an elaborate chain reaction.

  • City Building Teambuilding Activity
    city build logo catalyst

    City Build

    City Build is a realistic simulation of designing and building a city from scratch.