Effective Communication

Effective communication is a skill; develop it today with dedicated communication team building games.

Business communication is carried out in a variety of mediums from face-to-face meetings, presentations to email and messaging. The manner of communication must be appropriate to the medium. Communication is a two-way process. Active and empathetic listening is as critical to communication as talking or conveying a message. In this way understanding other people’s points of view are key to improving the quality of relationships.

Communication is a skill and can be easily built on by encouraging team building activities in the workplace. Below are a few ways to improve effective communication at home, avoiding misunderstanding and frustration.

Clearly and concisely

Speak clearly and concisely in a manner that is well suited to your audience. Your message should flow and the overall tone should be consistent and relevant to the topic. Ensure that your message conveys a concrete picture of what you are trying to explain and that it does not contain anything that might confuse a listener. Your message should be comprehensive and complete, fully informing your audience and enabling them where applicable to take relevant action.

Tone and body language

Having a clear tone and body language are also important to effective communication. Be aware of posture and voice inflexion. Be mindful of the way in which you pose questions, ensuring they are delivered in a positive manner which builds trust and encourages discussion. Experiential learning team building activities and business games help in modelling effective communication.

Why Communication is Important in the Workplace

Communication in any workplace is essential to have a successful business as it will increase productivity and maintain a strong relationship with other employees. Having a trusting group of employers will increase the output and morale of the workplace along with ensuring effective communication with managers and customers.

However, poor communication in the business could lead to unmotivated staff and a decrease in productivity. Communication team building activities are a great way to encourage your workplace to communicate more and build trust between employees.

Communication Team Building Exercises

One of the key benefits gained through team building exercises is improved communication. We have a variety of enjoyable, fun and creative activities that encourage employees to break down walls between each other and get a better understanding of each other. By investing in a communication-based team building activity, you will soon see improved collaboration and trust in the workplace.

Here at Catalyst Team Building, we have plenty of team building games to improve the communication in your workplace and ensure your employees have an engaging and enjoyable experience. Including the fantastic Red Alert, which enhances teamwork and problem-solving skills as they solve every puzzle in the crate in order to quarantine the virus before time runs out.

Check out our comprehensive variety of team building games and activities available here or see below for our recommended team building activities that offer improved communication as a focused outcome.

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