Beat the Box

Build a collaborative culture

1.5 - 2 hours
Competitive / Collaborative
15 - Unlimited


Beat the Box is a worldwide team building phenomenon which injects the intensity & interaction of escape room challenges directly into your meeting room or away day. The game kicks off with an urgent video calling participants to action. Each team is faced with an intricate locked metal box, after cracking the opening code several more devious locked cases and interlinked conundrums are revealed.

Each successive play level has been carefully crafted to subtlety encourage a 'one team' approach. Not only do teams quickly galvanise into an independent problem-solving unit; they also grasp their role in the bigger picture by relaying critical information to other groups. Time pressure adds to a sense of urgency as teams cross communicate to punch in one final electronic code, stop the clock and celebrate their collective achievement

Learning Outcomes

Beat the Box is carefully designed to draw on a variety of skills sets. It offers an informal context for players to discover their own skills, respect the talents of others and explore conflict resolution. Conference Escape Games like Beat The Box help to promote a growth mindset and foster agile teamwork. To succeed teams are forced to evaluate information quickly, accept individual responsibility while coordinating a shared vision with other teams

Learning is most effective when 'fun' and the lessons from Beat The Box are hugely memorable. Incorporating an experiential learning game into a training day is an excellent way to reflect on key messages and explore positive values that transfer back to building a future-facing business

Related Testimonial

Beat the Box ignited creativity, strong cooperation and a high level of engagement within our team. Participants were filled with positive adrenaline. It was a perfect way of having fun, but also the activities are valuable learning tools. Highly recommended.

Eglė Rosenaitė
Wrigley Baltics

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