Outdoor Team Building

Improve your team's bonds while getting active and encouraging healthy living with outdoor team building games.

Get up, get active and get outdoors with Catalyst Team Building UK's range of outdoor team building activities. The benefits of being outdoors are numerous, from reducing stress levels, lowering blood pressure and boosting the immune system to increasing staff productivity, creativity and improving focus. Inspire the improvement of your team’s collaborative efforts with one of our fun and exciting outdoor team building games, designed to encourage activity and motivate your staff to get moving.

Our outdoor team building events are influenced by the informal learning and practical outdoor activities facilitated by some of the first team building groups in history, the Scout Association and the Forest Schools of Denmark. Catalyst Team Building noticed a strong need for outdoor team building activities that offered flexibility in their location and resource, and in the ’90s, we pioneered our mobile team building outdoor activities.

The popularity of our outdoor team building events has only grown since, as companies had greater control over their team building location without the need to travel to dedicated outdoor centres or into the wilderness. Now, outdoor team building games can be arranged in a location convenient to you, either on-site or at a suitable venue nearby.

We have a range of suitable outdoor team building events, such as Integrity, which provide players with an opportunity to experience challenging three-dimensional, problem-solving activities in a refreshing environment. As equipment has developed and become more cost-effective over time, we have been able to develop an exciting range of technology-based team building activities that utilise GPS and augmented/virtual realities to inspire the next generation of team building.

Through identifying the needs of our clients, we have inspired a new vision and uncovered the true possibility of the outdoor team building market. As a result, there is a richer choice of activity and learning outcomes available. Companies can now find the outdoor team building activity that best aligns with their desired outcomes and the skills they want to develop while offering their staff an exciting and enjoyable gamified experience that encourages both personal achievement and team reward.

Browse our available outdoor team building activities below and start planning your next team building event today.

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