Indoor Team Building

Encourage networking, teamwork and reinforce conference learning with an indoor team building activity.

Team building activities can be just as effective and enjoyable indoors as they are outdoors. Indoor team building events can liven up a company meeting, conference or team retreat. They also offer a meaningful tool to reflect key business messages and engage participants through interactive role-play. In addition to being weatherproof, indoor team building activities for adults also make the best use of time during packed meeting agendas.

Many options are available, but time, and, crucially, the team building objectives, will dictate exactly what is achievable. Where co-workers are new to each other, a short networking exercise like ‘Knowing Me Knowing You’ may be appropriate to kick start conversations and accelerate group cohesion. When time is of the essence, though, high impact energisers like ‘Boomtime’ can offer a celebratory sense of unity without compromising on presentation time.

With the luxury of longer timescales come exciting, in-depth business games. ‘Peak Performance’, for example, is a tablet-based simulation which challenges the team to lead an expedition to summit Everest; a demanding exercise that explores risk management, agile team working and also offers a platform to parallel positive observations back to the workplace.

One of the most powerful reasons to conduct indoor team building games for the office is to motivate your team to work together easier and to achieve great results. With this in mind, indoor team building challenges like ‘The Big Picture’ or ‘Beat the Box’ demand collaborative action to solve complex common goals. ‘Orchestrate’ is perhaps the ultimate expression of harmonious teamwork - a hugely powerful and emotional indoor team-building activity experience that challenges companies to tune in with each other and become a symphony orchestra in just two hours!

Networking in the workplace is important as it encourages staff bonding and enables a better understanding for helping each other, exchanging fresh ideas and introducing new practices in your workplace to ensure you are always on top of trends. Here at Catalyst Team Building, we have a range of indoor team building games for employees that’ll see improvements in communication, collaboration and teamwork in the workplace. Find your ideal indoor team building activity with us today.

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