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Encourage creativity and practicality with our exciting range of team building construction games.

Inspire the creativity of your team with our fantastic range of team construction games! Our construction team building events are designed to be engaging and exciting while providing your staff with practical experiences to build, decorate and achieve together. It’s easy to measure the success of a construction team building event, as teams that work well together with designated roles and trust in each other will produce not only a working end-product but one that looks great and functions without fault!

Our team building construction games provide players with the opportunity to build a life-size F1 racing car, a sea-worthy boat, a mighty chariot and a sprawling model city, to name just a few. Working together, teams must plan, design and build as the clock ticks down before coming together to finish the final construction and decide how they are going to jazz up their invention. Then, teams compete in races or collaborate with other teams to create a unified construction that shows off everyone’s efforts.

Excellent teamwork is unavoidable when taking part in a team construction game and teams that don’t take the opportunity to play to each other’s strengths will soon fall behind the rest of the groups. Teams must rely on effective communication, efficiently use resources, and be able to work competently, even when faced with a strict time limit. Throughout the process, team members will have to identify strong and weak elements of their builds and come together to ensure consistent quality control that will achieve the best outcome.

Our construction team building activities are extremely popular with companies of all sizes and will ensure that every member of the team is a key player. Challenge your employees and develop their skills in strategic thinking, team dynamics, cooperation and communication all while enjoying a fun activity that can be arranged both indoors and out.

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