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Create feelings of happiness, decrease anxiety, enhance social connections and increase learning opportunities.

Even mild physical activity releases endorphins in the body, which leads to feelings of happiness and euphoria. Endorphins also reduce stress and decrease feelings of anxiety, which leads to improved mental wellbeing. Being outside in the sun enables people to have exposure to Vitamin D which is an important ingredient in boosting health, self-confidence and happiness. What’s more, physical activity boosts the chemicals in the brain that support and prevent the degeneration of the part of the brain that is responsible for learning and memory, the hippocampus. The hippocampus is critical to mental health and, by getting active with others, you can reap extra benefits for your hippocampus and mental health when compared to exercising alone.

Physical activity is very important in the workplace as it can increase the mental well-being of employees, on top of all the usual health benefits. By increasing employee’s activity in the workplace, businesses can create an improved workforce and ensure high levels of productivity. One of the major benefits of physical activity is it relieves stress in employees; many workers have deadlines to meet meaning they are rushing around getting work done and commonly experience high levels of stress. However, by ensuring you have stress-relieving measures in the workplace, it can lead to better team morale and improve the quality of work produced, too.

Simple ways of promoting physical activity work include flexible working hours (longer breaks to allow people to go for a walk), cycle to work schemes or corporate gym memberships. As an employer, you could also introduce a physical activity program with your employees that offer a challenging and fun environment in your workplace.

How do you create a physically active program for everyone in the workplace? Active team building activities are a great way to incorporate all your employees into one activity, building relationships whilst also encouraging physical activity. Active team building games for adults have psycho-social benefits that enhance social connections, peer bonding and social support.

Here at Catalyst Team Building, we have a range of team-building exercises that incorporate the mental health side along with the challenge of physical activity. Our Quickfire game uses creativity, ingenuity & teamwork to complete a range of different challenges or Flat Out Afloat, will see staff members collaborating to build a cardboard vessel that floats. View our full of range of physical + active activities here.

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