Bean Around The World

Competitive game of coffee trading

1.5 - 2 hours
Competitive / Collaborative
12 - Unlimited


High-energy and naturally engaging, Bean Around the World is a trading and supply chain team building activity designed to test strategic decision making, collaboration and risk management. After being split into teams, delegates begin the exercise as coffee trading organisations which taking coffee beans from the plantation to the consumer. Challenge is introduced as participants are made to adapt to changing consumer demands, forcing them to develop fluid, future-proof strategies that enable them to deliver the right coffee blends at the right time and in turn, make a profit. From inter-syndicate trade details to

There is a range of coffee bean suppliers available and with other teams also working the market in their favour, each group must leverage the market intelligence available to remain flexible in an ever-changing business environment. An incredibly effective supply chain learning activity, Bean Around the World is played over three rounds or ‘years’, with the team that made the most money being crowned winner at the end. From inter-syndicate trade deals to proactive negotiation, this is an invaluable team building activity that provides a host of different development opportunities.

Learning Outcomes

Bean Around the World is built upon a foundation of healthy competition and business simulation, demanding that participants strike a balance between short-term profit and long-term strategy. Encompassing a variety of key soft skills including risk management and negotiation skills, this experiential supply chain team building activity thrives at encouraging critical thinking and collaboration, breaking down the silo mentality by uniting participants in a common goal.

During the game, each team will come under threat from shifting market behaviours. By building strong relationships and an effective supply chain, groups will work towards creating an adaptable strategy that can meet customer demands as they develop and alter. This learning activity is exceptional at emphasising the need for accurate market data to make informed business decisions, whilst simultaneously encouraging critical thinking in high-stress situations and team unity through adversity.

Related Testimonial

Everyone had a wonderful time. People said how Bean Around the World really forced them into collaborating - it was a necessity! They couldn't survive working on their own they really had to work as a team and apply strategic thinking to succeed in the game.

Sab Miller

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