Teams create a digital stop motion animation sequence

2 - 4 hours
Competitive / Collaborative
10 - 100


Help develop creativity, teamwork and innovative thinking in Animate, our stop motion animation team building activity for 10 to 100 participants. Stop motion animation is a film making style that requires precision to execute properly and centres around objects being incrementally photographed, moved and then photographed again. These photographs serve as individual frames that, when placed in sequence, result in the objects appearing to move. It’s the focus and efficiency required to complete a stop motion animation which makes this team building activity so effective.

The Animate animation challenge tasks teams of delegates to create a 30 second stop motion film based around a specific theme, chosen by you or your organisation. Each stage of Animate replicates the true short film creation process with storyboarding, prop creation, lighting setup and recording all playing a part. The varied array of tasks and difficult time limit pushes teams to develop a range of different skills as quickly as possible, maintaining efficiency throughout the process whilst still creating a high-quality end product.

Once the recording and editing processes are completed, the stop motion animation team building activity really comes into its own with each of the movies being played back on a large screen. For each team, this is a platform to show off what they have achieved in a limited time frame, developing group unity and pride whilst also leading to some hilarious end results that will be talked about for weeks to come.

Learning Outcomes

Animate’s array of activities make it a holistic corporate team building animation activity which pushes everyone to get involved and make a difference. Planning, collaboration and coordination are absolutely essential for achieving success. The hectic yet detailed nature of stop motion film making brings a high-energy, action-packed and fun element to learning, engaging participants and helping them take away as much as possible from the experience.

Along with personal development, Animate is particularly effective at presenting business goals and values in a gamified animation challenge. The theme of your stop motion films is best centred around a key organisational mission or belief, which is then embedded and emphasised to team members taking part. With complete creative freedom, delegates can also shape these business objectives into a story that they relate to, engage with or believe in, further improving organisational alignment.

With interpersonal relationship growth, soft skills development and business value alignment opportunities, this is an adaptable stop motion animation team building activity that can truly deliver tangible results.

Related Testimonial

A big THANK YOU to you and your team for making The Animate event truly exceptional. I think the candidates left with such a good impression of Investec and our 'distinctiveness'. You understand Investec so well, and your passion and energy is overwhelming. We so look forward to working together again.

Investec Bank

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