The Infinite Loop

Plunge into a virtual reality game; feel very real sensations.

1.5 - 2 hours
6 - Unlimited


The Infinite Loop is a corporate VR team building game centring around problem solving, puzzles and effective communications. Participants are split into teams and take on the role of white hat hackers trying to save someone trapped in virtual reality. By splitting their attention between reality and the virtual world, each team must pass on information efficiently, solve clues and rescue the missing person as quickly as possible.

This VR team building game utilises a VR headset to truly test the communication skills of attendees and promote effective collaboration. Whilst one member of each team wears the VR headset and relays information, the other participants utilise specialist resources and this newfound information to solve puzzles, unlock doors and get closer to finding the missing person. With two levels, one more difficult than the other, this corporate VR team building game is sure to promote organisational unity through healthy competition, particularly as each team’s progress is displayed on a main screen for all attendees to see.

Learning Outcomes

Innovative and unique, The Infinite Loop is a lean and highly engaging VR team building game that emphasises the importance of communication and collaboration. The key to success is for the participant with the VR headset to be clear and concise when describing what they are looking at, allowing the rest of their team to solve the issue quickly and effectively.

The Infinite Loop provides attendees with immediate feedback on their current approach to the challenge, shown by their progress in relation to other teams in the group. Utilising this information, teams which fall behind are pushed to create new iterations of their communication system and continually improve upon their current approach, resulting in a self-developed information sharing method that is built on teamwork. By introducing staff to this iterative learning style, The Infinite Loop creates an agile and adaptive approach to problem solving which is useful in almost all business settings.

Related Testimonial

Amazing! We were on schedule to finish the game but the teams were so engaged and involved , they wanted to carry on playing.


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