BeatBox Rox

Vocal percussion workshop

10 minutes - 1 hour
10 - Unlimited


BeatBox Rox is the perfect team icebreaker that will get your people ready and energised for the day ahead. Perfect for a conference or meeting, this activity involves the art of beatboxing. Kicking off with a performance from our in-house beatboxer, delegates will learn how to make musical sounds, drum beats and rhythm - all using their mouth! The introduction performance is captivating and is sure to get your delegates excited. Divided into teams, the delegates learn different sounds and rhythms before coming together for the final performance. Each team adds a layer of musical effect to the overall composition. After some practice, teams come together for the grand finale, with the assistance of a looping backbeat that electrifies and dramatizes the performance.

Learning Outcomes

Beatbox Rox is sure to entertain and invigorate your people, injecting high energy, positivity, and vitality into any conference, workshop or meeting. An uplifting corporate energiser that will get your team working as one. It highlights the importance of everyone playing their part in order to successfully achieve an overall goal or task. The versatile nature of Beatbox Rox means it can be run in 30 minutes as an icebreaker for large groups or if you have a smaller group you can opt for a more in-depth 45-minute workshop.

Related Testimonial

This engaging activity captured the imagination of all our staff members. inhibitions flew away and everyone got creative! Many smiles and happy memories.


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