Transform your team into a giant percussion band with the infectious rhythms of samba.

1 - 2 hours
Indoors and Outdoors
20 - Unlimited


From Rio to Reykjavik, the infectious rhythms of Samba bring people together with the world over. Beatswork actively celebrates diversity and guarantees that all participant feel instantly engaged and included. Within minutes our highly trained Sambista's will have everybody warmed up, in tune and ready to rumble! The audience then splits to master different instruments sections and later remerge 'fully pumped' and prepared to co-ordinate their new-found skills in one gargantuan finale performance.

Learning Outcomes

The multi-layer layered sectional structure of Samba provides a potent metaphor for how organisations can work more effectively. Beatswork provides a safe learning zone to explore supportive behaviours cross-functional co-operation. It’s a highly relevant team-building experience that provides a tangible example of how individuals and groups can communicate to achieve something truly amazing! Besides boosting meeting energy levels, Beatswork offers a unique and memorable tool to embed company values, support change or kick start a new project.

Related Testimonial

You should have seen their faces! I've worked with almost all of them back at the office and I was amazed at how they came out of their shells. They all got into it so much - drumming, dancing - even the vocal parts! It was like, 'Wow! He can really swing!


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