Boom Time

Musical conference ice breaker

20 - 45 minutes
20 - Unlimited


Boom Time will see participants will come together in unison to test their timing, collaboration and teamwork skills, all whilst producing a musical masterpiece. This upbeat, thrilling energiser activity involves the use of our specially crafted Boomwhacker instruments - a lightweight, hollow, colour-coded, plastic tubes, tuned to musical pitches by length. As teams focus on the visual interface, a combination of colour-coded blocks appear in a timely rhythm. The group must work collaboratively and strike their coloured instruments at the correct time to reflect what they see on screen. As the activity unfolds, both the speed and complexity required will increase; Boomwhackers move quicker and the group react more passionately to stay in time with the rhythm and building the atmosphere to a resounding finale.

Learning Outcomes

A face-paced, adrenaline fueled conference energiser perfect for lifting the atmosphere and energy in the room. Boom Time will transform any space into a sea of colour - engaging, encouraging and enthusing all of those involved. Igniting the sense of a unified team within your group and generating openness and collaboration, Boom Time is the perfect way to spark some energy into your conference day.

Related Testimonial

What started as a musical discord had turned into a cohesive, synchronised musical production. Delegates feeling buzzed and exhilarated were ready to launch into their National Conference with a sense of oneness because of what they had achieved together!

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