Teams use creativity and ingenuity to complete mental, physical and creative challenges.

30 minutes - 4 hours
Indoors and Outdoors
Competitive / Collaborative
8 - Unlimited


By utilising a combination of urgency and fun, Quickfire is a team bonding activity that builds unity, trust, leadership and teamwork simultaneously. Attendees are split into teams and supplied with an iPad and a box or unusual resources, equipment and objects. Once the activity begins, teams use their tablet to accept challenges of varying specification, from taking pictures of videos to answering quiz questions. Whilst there are hundreds of challenges available, each one costs points to attempt and gives points when completed successfully, so teams must think about the likelihood of successful completion before they act.

Working within a strict timeframe, each team must compete to try complete as many challenges as they can and in turn, accumulate as many points as possible. With some challenges requiring a full team effort and others being more individual, effective teamwork and collaboration are key to achieving success. Upon completion, the team with the most points is awarded a trophy to take home, along with bragging rights too.

Learning Outcomes

Fast-paced and high-energy, Quickfire is an incredibly fun team building exercise that gets everyone involved from the very outset. Teams are forced to balance risk and reward throughout the game, relying on individuals to speak up if they think they can complete a challenge confidently. Additionally, decisive leadership is essential to ensure the team keep moving forward and generating points. This quickly leads to an invaluable sense of trust being developed as teams become aware of each other’s abilities and talents.

Alongside the difficulty of balancing risk and reward, delegates are also forced to practise effective communication skills in many of the team challenges, too. This, combined with the time constraints, creates a hectic and fun atmosphere that promotes team unity, healthy competition and happiness. Most importantly though, each participant learns to believe in their own abilities as well as the strengths of others within their team.

Related Testimonial

We have been focusing on team dynamics, skills and roles in our team. Quickfire was brilliant in helping people to see their own strengths and weaknesses and appreciate the same in others too. We have noticed a significant difference in the way people communicate and work with each other since the activity.


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