Bridging The Divide

Collaborative teamwork to build a bridge

1 - 3 hours
Indoors and Outdoors
24 - Unlimited


Bridging the Divide is a bridge building team building game in which participants are tasked with erecting the structure to the high standards and specifications of a finicky client. Delegates are separated into teams and charged with building a single section of the larger bridge using finite resources. Having been given an extremely tight deadline, the bridge building activity increases in pressure as the delegates are presented with additional challenges including working through difficult communication barriers. Upon finishing their section’s structural basis, teams are also tasked with branding and designing their construct to compete for an award and the end of the build-a-bridge team building game. Alongside the branding award, there are also resource efficiency and engineering creativity awards, encouraging delegates to remain inventive and plan their designs before acting.

Once all of sections have been built, teams must conclude the bridge building activity by working together to connect each section together, creating a final huge finished product. This culminates in a grand finale as the giant structure is tested to its limit as a remote-controlled vehicle is driven along its length, leading to huge celebrations once it crosses the finish line.

Learning Outcomes

Highly engaging and extremely valuable, this build-a-bridge team challenge demands that delegates take on the role of both supplier and customer. Placed in a high-pressure environment with strict time restraints, instructions and goals to achieve, Bridging the Divide emulates the potential stress of the natural working environment, promoting skills development in a realistically challenging setting. Through attention to detail, a customer-centric vision and exceptional collaboration, each team plays a fundamental role in the overall success of the activity.

Additionally, intelligent project management must be utilised to balance design needs with achieving awards, adding a motivating element of healthy competition and creative thinking. Requiring complete participation by everyone involved, this bridge building team activity is excellent at developing fundamental business skills in an engaging setting, whilst simultaneously encouraging attendees to stay aware of big picture goals throughout their work.

Related Testimonial

Teams kicked off with designing the bridge with teams networking to discover who their suppliers and customers were and then they got hands on constructing the components of the bridge. Magnificent outcome was achieved by all. It far exceeded our expectations - a complex and rewarding team building activity.


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