Situation Room

Take command and control

1 - 1.5 hours
Competitive / Collaborative
6 - Unlimited


Engaging, intelligent and demanding, Situation Room is a fast-paced business simulation game that pushes attendees to think critically and strategically whilst under pressure. Delegates take on the role of a specialist task force, working as part of a wider operation to bring down a global crime syndicate. After being given a briefcase with materials, resources and information, participants receive periodic videos from the Head of the Special Operative Force detailing updates on the situation and giving clues on how each team can unlock the locked compartments in their briefcase. Each of the locked compartments inside the briefcase contains clues pertaining to the wider mystery and as time grows short, participants must piece together the information, track down the Criminal Kingpin and solve the mystery.

By utilising real-time video updates and a constantly visible countdown timer, Situation Room creates a tangible sense of tension, pressure and excitement. Not only does this create a memorable and engaging activity, but it also develops team skills in a challenging environment, much like those that the modern workplace can lead to.

Learning Outcomes

Strategic thinking and analysis are the name of the game in Situation Room, with participants relying on everyone in their team to help put together the snippets of information they have available. In particular, Situation Room’s combination of gamification and a high-pressure atmosphere helps develop these key business skills in a tense and challenging environment whilst ensuring enjoyment and engagement. This style of experiential learning is particularly effective as the lessons learnt become memorable and long-lasting due to the setting that they were taught in.

Alongside effective operations in a high-pressure scenario, delegates must also utilise cross-functional communication and situational leadership skills to operate as an effective team. Designed to incorporate a variety of challenges, Situation Room demands that all participants are focused and active, ensuring holistic team building that can be translated into the workplace setting. Whether for remote teams or tight-knit small businesses, this is an invaluable exercise which has a distinct impact on team dynamic, soft skills and unity.

Related Testimonial

Our team participated in The Situation Room as part of our annual conference with the objective of developing situational leadership and agile thinking. The event was a huge success to the say the least. The learnings we took away from the team evaluation, as well as the fun game play experience itself were second to none! Thank you!

PZ Cussons

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