Funk the Junk

Teams play as an orchestra of scrapyard recycled instruments

1 - 1.5 hours
Indoors and Outdoors
25 - 60


Offering a fresh and innovative approach to musical themed team building, Funk the Junk provides a unique experience for participants with our professionally tuned “junkyard” instruments which have been passionately revitalised. Forming a band unlike any other, teams will collectively work on their creative skills to invent - produce - explore and experience the ultimate unique soundscapes from the twilight zone to foot stomping fun.

Learning Outcomes

A team building event which embodies creative expression with a core focus for teams to re-think the boundaries and possibilities with limited resources. In order to create a progressive business strategy, teams must look to re-imagine future is critical to progressive business strategy, and Funk the Junk allows and encourages delegates to re-think the boundaries of what is possible, especially when only limited resources are available to them. This fun, engaging, all-inclusive energizer creates a level playing field to suit and express all personalities. A great way to encourage outside of the box thinking, and allow your colleagues to gel, laugh and smile to create a sonic sensation that's quirky, high-energy and entertaining.

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