Funk the Junk

Teams play as an orchestra of scrapyard recycled instruments

1 - 1.5 hours
Indoors and Outdoors
25 - 60


Offering a fresh and innovative approach to musical themed team building, Funk the Junk provides a unique experience for participants with our professionally tuned “junkyard” instruments which have been passionately revitalised. Forming a band unlike any other, teams will collectively work on their creative skills to invent - produce - explore and experience the ultimate unique soundscapes from the twilight zone to foot stomping fun.

Learning Outcomes

A team building event which embodies creative expression with a core focus for teams to re-think the boundaries and possibilities with limited resources. In order to create a progressive business strategy, teams must look to re-imagine future is critical to progressive business strategy, and Funk the Junk allows and encourages delegates to re-think the boundaries of what is possible, especially when only limited resources are available to them. This fun, engaging, all-inclusive energizer creates a level playing field to suit and express all personalities. A great way to encourage outside of the box thinking, and allow your colleagues to gel, laugh and smile to create a sonic sensation that's quirky, high-energy and entertaining.

physical distancing

Physical Distancing

This activity can been designed to adhere to physical distancing guidelines. We modify the program to avoid game materials and handouts that need to be passed between participants. And, avoid anything where you have to get too close! Our skilled facilitators will be there to guide your participants throughout the experience, ensuring that as well as keeping to social distancing protocol each participant is engaged and having an enjoyable learning experience. Get in touch to find out how we can customise this experience for physical distancing and your team.

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Amazing way of using junk materials to make music. A great reminder for us all of inventive recycling. Was hilariously good fun!


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