Team plays as a symphony orchestra in just 2 hours!

2 - 3 hours
40 - Unlimited


Music-themed and inspirational, Orchestrate is an orchestral team building activity which challenges attendees to achieve the seemingly impossible – learn a new instrument and play as part of a symphony orchestra in under 90 minutes. Before learning begins, each delegate is given a range of instruments to choose from including strings, percussion, brass and woodwind. Once participants have made their decision, each instrument group is pulled aside, taught the fundamentals of their instrument and the piece they will be playing as a group.

Guided by an expert musician, each musical group practise their section of the orchestral piece and help one another develop their skills, building unity and interpersonal relationships. Then, once practise is complete, the finale begins as all of the instruments come together in a display of musical brilliance. With a conductor on hand to guide the group, each delegate becomes part of a greater team building orchestra and plays a specially written five-minute-long piece. Demanding focus, team unity and adaptability, this is a truly inspirational orchestra team building activity that is guaranteed to spark conversation for weeks and months to come.

Learning Outcomes

The key to Orchestrate’s success as a team building activity is it’s demanding nature combined with the unrivalled feeling of achieving something incredible. Many participants enter this orchestral challenge wondering whether they are capable of completing it successfully; yet, it’s these perceived limitations which Orchestrate aims to break. Through hard work, focus and a team attitude, delegates are able to complete this difficult team building activity and feel empowered, confident and unified through doing so.

Designed to be unforgettable, this orchestra team building activity proves to the participants that they care capable of anything if they work hard and as a collaborative unit. Through emotional and creative alignment, each delegate is brought closer to their colleagues, resulting in a memorable experience that will be discussed throughout the office, promoting more effective working relationships. With a positive impact on individual confidence and teamworking attitudes alike, it’s hard to deny Orchestrate’s ability to make tangible differences in the workplace.

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Thank you for a brilliant show opener – I am sure you recognised how delighted Deloitte was – I have certainly never seen a standing ovation from that audience before!


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