Red Alert

Use creative thinking and teamwork to stop the virus.

1 - 1.5 hours
Indoors and Outdoors
12 - Unlimited


A team building puzzle challenge that begins with watching a sinister video from a masked representative - most likely of the Red Alert Team. Teams are told that their computer systems have been hacked by a deadly virus that can corrupt and destroy all of their company and personal data forever. Limited to just 60 minutes, each team is given a crate and told they have to solve every puzzle within the crate in order to quarantine the virus. Teams must pay careful attention to the video as it gives clues to complete the challenge.

The countdown begins and delegates work through the team building problem solving puzzles on each individual crate. There are six puzzles in six different draws on each crate. Our Red Alert event managers are available to help with clues, however, in order to receive clues, they have to give up minutes on the clock. Once all six puzzles are complete, a single digit of the overall code appears on each crate.

The introduction video reminds teams that all puzzles in every crate must be completed in order to beat the virus. Teams turn to help the other teams unlock the single digit codes on their crates. Once all of the puzzles are solved, teams take the final code to the central Red Alert Sphere. They punch in the code, stop the countdown and quarantine the virus.

Learning Outcomes

Red Alert is an experiential learning and communication puzzle team building activity that highlights the importance of teamwork and problem solving skills in a high energy, engaging environment. The thrilling theme and short time frame ensures everyone is fully engaged and involved throughout the team building puzzle challenge.

Teams learn that creative thinking and effective communication are crucial as they decide on the best strategies to solve the puzzles in their crates. As the game develops, delegates learn to work better together and appreciate each other's individual skills and abilities. They begin to see that everyone's skills and expertise matter for the team to be successful. If you are looking for team bonding ideas, Red Alert should definitely be considered, as with every completed puzzle delegates celebrate their achievements and grow closer as a team.

Red Alert emphasises there can be a huge difference between what you think you see and what you actually see. Throughout the game, delegates develop the skills to see an obstacle from multiple angles, applying innovative thinking to solve it. In the games closing moments, it is evident that team members have broken away from a silo mentality as they work to help other teams complete their puzzles, knowing it will benefit the group as a whole.

Related Testimonial

Red Alert pushes you to think and extends your problem solving skills. It helped us explore team dynamics as we transitioned through the activities.

Ciler ay, Human Resources Manager
Samsung, Turkey

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