Team Torque

Teams complete challenges to gain car parts to build, decorate and air pump down the drag strip.

1 - 2 hours
40 - Unlimited


A team building event infused with creativity in the form of our Team Torque activity. Observe the explosion of energy unfold in the room as teams take part in a series of mental agility tasks, earning points to purchase mandatory elements required to successfully build the entire car model ahead of the drag strip finale. Teams begin with the base blueprints for their car and soon build up their own creative and innovative flair to the design. Each team must work closely together to design and produce banners, flags and marketing materials to support their team at the race!

In true race day style, teams line their fully constructed cars up at the start line and wait in anticipation for the chequered flag to drop. A buzz in the air, and teams at the ready, the flag will drop and the team mechanic will excitedly pump air into the rocket allowing their car to shoot off the grid at an exhilarating speed. The winning team is determined by the car that travels the further down the track!

Learning Outcomes

Team Torque focuses on problem solving, cross functional communication and project management skills whilst providing an fun, competitive and engaging experience for those involved. Constructing their racing models in a reasonable time frame with limited resources means that teams will have to keep motivated and manage their team tasks effectively if they wish to make the race finale!

Corporate Social Responsibility Outcomes

Team Torque can be the perfect fit for your CSR event. Organisations often include this activity in their planned events when looking to raise funds for schools, hospitals or chosen charities. Ahead of the event, the organisations can seek sponsorships for their racing teams and model cars with the earnings going to the chosen charity. Additionally, there have been various other occasions where teams will place bets on the cars they think will win the finale, and the winners donating their winnings.

Related Testimonial

Team Torque was loved by our entire staff and very integral to our team development. I hope to plan another event with Catalyst soon!

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