Flat Out Formula One

Teams construct and race life-size F1 racing cars

2 - 3 hours
Indoors and Outdoors
Competitive / Collaborative
16 - Unlimited


Flat Out Formula One is a build-a-car team building activity which challenges delegates to get hands-on and construct a life-size cardboard Formula 1 car using a flat-pack kit and set of instructions. Alongside the challenges of constructing the car quickly and efficiently, participants are also presented with the challenge of designing their cars too before reaching the Grand Prix finale.

Once construction and design are complete, the cars are placed on the starting line with a designated driver at the wheel. Once the race starts, it’s the job of the other team members to push the car as quickly as possible, whilst the driver operates the steering. Concluding with a presentation ceremony complete with podium and spectacular celebration, Flat Out Formula is a highly engaging team bonding activity that tests strategic planning whilst simultaneously developing group unity.

Learning Outcomes

Flat Out Formula One pushes each delegate to get involved as for an effective construction process, every team member must play a role. With the pressure of a strict timeframe, each team must quickly analyse the best member to take on each responsibility and trust in their abilities, promoting team bonding and strengthening existing working relationships. It’s this interpersonal development which helps the build-a-car team building event improve cross-functional cooperation, an essential skill in almost all modern businesses.

Achieving success in this team building activity is heavily depended on teamwork and collaboration. Without effective planning, delegates will struggle to complete their tasks on time whether that be construction, design or race tactics and pit changes. Fuelled by healthy competition and a desire to succeed, Flat Out Formula One is engaging, energetic and perfect for teams of all shapes and sizes.

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What a great program it exceeded our expectations. Your staff did an excellent job and kept our F1 Challenge event lively! Good job & keep it up! Everyone is looking forward to the next event!

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