Commercial Break

Teams design and produce an advertising commercial

1 - 2 hours
Indoors and Outdoors
10 - Unlimited


This fast-paced and fun-filled experience will have your team adventuring in the fascinating world of digital advertising, as they work together in an attempt to design and deliver an award-winning advertisement, all the way from initial mission-brief to final screening. Teams will be transformed into advertising agencies, provided with a brief, and given the of the objectives and outcomes of their designated marketing campaign. It will then be down to them to create a strategy, design storyboards, and write scripts, before the whole project goes into production.

Team members will enjoy various workshops on filming, make-up, acting and more, before bringing back all they have learned to share with the rest of their crew. And then following some role allocation, it’s time to get dressed and prepare to perform. Fully equipped with all the filming equipment, props clapperboards, get ready to shoot your advertisement, and with a spot of post-production, teams will finally prepare to show-off their finished articles in the grand marketing launch! Then wrap your day off in style with an awards ceremony, where all excellence in teamwork and advertising is rewarded and celebrated.

Learning Outcomes

Our Commercial Break program is a wonderfully entertaining and informal way of discussing and examining key challenges and outcomes within any team. The actual mission-briefs can be tailored to suit your business, encompassing specific company products or services, or instead focus on delivering powerful internal messages on your organisational values, teamwork, or customer service.

With the requirement for teams to assess effective communication and strategic planning skills, as well as deliver on a creative level, Commercial Break really does hit a lot of marks for many teams.

Related Testimonial

The Commercial Break activity was absolutely stunning! Everyone is delighted with the final outputs and the professionalism of the awards function.


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