Corporate Body Building

Teams illustrate a message with their bodies

30 minutes - 1 hour
20 - Unlimited


Creating a truly memorable experience and visual element, the group will collaborate and communicate effectively throughout this unique energiser to produce an impressive display and piece of work. Corporate Body Building requires the participants to be dressed in different coloured overalls, which are specially appointed to reflect the final image being created - this can be your company values, logo or even a brand icon. The participants will be instructed on how to arrange the team into specific locations on a large gridded area. When each member of the team is in their correct and final location, the final image will be revealed from a bird’s eye view. Overhead, our drone will be set in position to capture photographs of the completed work created below!

Learning Outcomes

This fast-paced, highly engaging energiser is the ideal activity to highlight and demonstrate the importance and the influence of every individual has within the overall success of your team. Corporate Body Building encourages the group to work as a team, with each individual being present in their own role for the common goal to be achieved. Producing a remarkable and monumental finished photograph whilst also highlighting the significance of human capital within a company brand, visions, values and culture.

Related Testimonial

Feedback from both the event and the result - the video - can be summarised in one word, success! We will use video all over, for years. Your product and delivery was excellent.

Jørgen Thaule

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