Play as an orchestra in under 1 hour!

30 minutes - 2 hours
16 - Unlimited


Crescendo is a musical themed corporate team building activity in which teams get to experience what being in a string orchestra is like. They learn to play different string instruments in less than one hour.

The team activity starts with delegates listening to a piece of music played by their instructors. Feelings of inspiration and excitement fill the air as the delegates learn they will soon be playing together as their very own string orchestra. As shocked as they are, the delegates are intrigued to learn which classical instrument they will be learning. The instructors give each delegate either a violin or viola. They are then divided into two rooms where they receive lessons on the basics of playing their instrument. Delegates then learn their part of the final composition. Accompanied by a custom backing track, the two groups come together to play their finale composition and a sense of achievement and inspiration fills the air.

Learning Outcomes

Crescendo uses the power of music to show teams that the seemingly impossible is undoubtedly achievable if you collaborate, communicate and put the work in. Most of us would think that learning to play an instrument in under one hour is impossible however together as a group, under the right leadership, it is absolutely possible. With everyone focused on the same goal, it is easy to turn a vision into reality. Music is commonly used to enhance learning and releases the hormone dopamine which creates feelings of euphoria and positive thinking. Crescendo is an incredible indoor team building activity that will leave a powerful lasting memory in the minds of your delegates.

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We were looking for something unique and powerful. We found it with Crescendo. It transformed our thinking and demonstrated how with total focus and application we can go beyond our perceived limits!


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