City Build

Teams construct a giant model city

2 - 3 hours
40 - Unlimited


Demanding a combination of creativity, strategic thinking and effective collaboration, City Build is a distinctive and memorable team building exercise that challenges participants to build a model city. Delegates are initially split into teams, with each group being given responsibility for a single small section of the city. The model metropolis is split into a variety of zones and districts, all interconnected through complex infrastructure in the form of roads, waterways, bridges and railways. With each team responsible for a separate portion of the city, participants are forced to balance their own creativity with an awareness of the bigger picture. By collaborating with one another, each group must strive for a uniform design as well as effective infrastructure and transportation systems across the city, ensuring functionality as well as attractiveness. Upon completing their section, the grand reveal takes place with each section being pieced together to show the final product. This is an exceptional activity for displaying just want you can achieve when working towards a common goal.

Learning Outcomes

Success in City Build revolves around detailed collaborative planning and the development of a shared vision. Teams must utilise creativity, imagination and strong project management skills to balance their own concept for their section of the city with the goals of other groups, developing cross-communication abilities which play a fundamental role in the modern workplace. Combining this with the resource management aspect of the model city’s construction as well as time limitations around the build and you’re left with a challenging, engaging and highly beneficial team building challenge. Demanding the participation of all delegates, City Build’s unique approach to learning and development develops cohesive team collaboration and unity whilst promoting key soft business skills. Perfect for groups of all sizes.

Related Testimonial

The City Build exercise went very well. Great experience to be shared with your team work, fun, constructive and useful as tool of bringing people together.

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