Need 4 Speed

Teams learn process improvement combining a jumble of model cars.

1 - 2 hours
Competitive / Collaborative
10 - Unlimited


This team building activity definitely requires a Need 4 Speed. Teams are given a box of model car components and must race against opposing teams to assemble their cars in record time. Forming an efficient assembly line and optimising flow is the key to shaving seconds off the clock! Pressure builds as teams realises that each car has its own model style and specific components. Quality control is everything and cars must meet customer expectations. Teams receive points for speed but mistakes in quality and build can knock them down the leader board.

As the activity progresses, teams learn that to be successful they must share knowledge with other teams in order to achieve the best possible production assembly lines. Final times are tallied and measured against previous Need 4 Speed winners.

Learning Outcomes

Need 4 Speed is a team challenge in which delegates learn and explore best practices in process improvement in an engaging environment. It demonstrates that with constant improvements and consistent methodology any process can be improved upon. Team members must take ownership of their roles and put changes into action. Need 4 Speed is a great team bonding idea that opens discussion while having fun. The funky, unique design of the model cars is sure to bring out the inner child in your people.

Related Testimonial

Just a quick note to say thanks for a fantastic morning - I have had awesome feedback from everyone that participated in Need 4 Speed and a lot of good lessons were taken out of the activity.


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