Trade Winds

Teams compete in trading to increase their wealth

1 - 2 hours
Indoors and Outdoors
24 - Unlimited


Taking on the roles as a Pirate Ship crew, teams will arrive at the beginning of the game with “booty” to trade. The aim of this highly immersive game is to build up their relationships with other traders, accumulating treasure and use their craftiness to collect important market information. The key to the game is to develop long-lasting relationships with other teams, allowing you to future-proof your game strategy and accumulate treasure throughout the course of the entire session. Trade Winds takes place over four cycles, represented by ‘4 years’ in the game, with new market information being delivered and changes in the dynamic game environment occurring at the beginning of each ‘new year’. Teams that make quick decisions and adapt successfully to the market changes will come out on top at the end of the game, when the final treasure is all counted up in a fun-filled finale.

Learning Outcomes

Centred around strategic planning, negotiation and fast information analysis, this thematic and engaging team building game is all about exploring the versatility of communication and how to leverage information for your advantage. The high-energy atmosphere created during the game is immediately attention-grabbing, drawing all types of delegates into the fray and encouraging everyone to get involved. The primary goal of each team is to establish trust-driven relationships with other traders, allowing them to reliably generate income and make educated business decisions. Teams which collaborate with one another are the most successful, emphasising the importance of identifying win-win opportunities to permit growth.

By drawing on elements of haggling and healthy competition, Trade Winds is a thematically engaging yet incredibly valuable business simulation activity. Ranging from negotiation to client relationship management, this game presents a range of development opportunities to improve skills which directly translate into the workplace environment – all whilst challenging delegates to continually think about the bottom line and take a results-driven approach to work.

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