Rat Trap

Teams build & connect a series of enormous contraptions to trap a rat!

1 - 2 hours
10 - Unlimited


Step into the world of imagination and into our toy shop - surrounded by an abundance of life size construction elements in an array of bright colours which will be transformed into multiple different mechanical contraptions. Working in teams, collaboratively, teams will design and create a number of carefully constructed contraptions which, once situated in the correct sequence, perform a knock on effect where each individual mechanism will act as a catalyst for the following devices in a fascinating way. Teams must work closely together to execute all elements of their design to ensure the end results are possible. If the teams manage to put the contraption together correctly, the final trap will be triggered, and the one tonne weight falls and the rat is trapped!

Learning Outcomes

Drawing on team’s resourcefulness, initiative and communication skills, this team building event is sure to get the group working together effectively in no time. With no instructions available, teams must problem solve, find solutions and get inventive to work out where contraptions should be placed and what roles each individual should take up. Rat Trap requires teams to think outside the box, plan ahead for the the next stages and look at the bigger picture to ensure that the current stages are put together correctly. Seamless integration of the team’s efforts can only be achieved through excellent communication - which will certainly be tested while working with time constraints.

Related Testimonial

Being faced with a room of bits inspired everyone to think laterally and work together.


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