River Runner

Teams explore leadership, planning and customer service leading a white water river expedition.

2 - 3 hours
20 - Unlimited


River Runner’s high-energy atmosphere and healthy competition make it an exceptional indoor business game that emphasises balancing customer satisfaction with client safety and profit. Designed for groups of 20 or more, this team building activity is thematic and engaging, placing participants in the role of a rafting business taking clients down the world’s most famous and popular rivers.

Teams plan, learn and develop a full business strategy before they embark on their 15 day expedition down the river. After formulating a strategy, each team must overcome a range of tasks and challenges to earn ‘Feel Good Factors’ that symbolise client happiness and help to win the game. Using full-sized rafts, authentic equipment and a range of physical props and accessories, River Runner creates a real and engaging atmosphere which pushes participants to slot into the correct frame of mind. Combined with energetic real-life video footage of white water rafting and a competitive working environment, this activity is a real winner right across the board.

Learning Outcomes

River Runner’s team development opportunities are broad and varied. Initially, delegates are challenged to organise their river expedition effectively, relying on independent research to develop a strategy that permits a combination of client satisfaction, customer safety and monetary profit. These skills are imperative for success in the exercise and also play a key role in modern everyday business, ensuring that the lessons learnt in River Runner can quickly and easily translate into the workplace.

Teams are deliberately presented with a variety of complex information to consider, emphasising the importance of information management and analytical thought to cut through the extracurriculars and identify the important details. Then, upon the beginning of the expedition, participants must also balance budgets and customer satisfaction, directly reflecting the struggles of any customer service business. Often, teams can slip into the mistake of sacrificing their plans in the name of ‘getting on with the job’, a risk that can backfire if handled poorly, teaching key business lessons in a relevant and challenging environment. River Runner is a true business simulation game that offers extensive opportunity for de-brief reviews and development, providing in-depth learnings that will stay with your team long after the session comes to a close.

Related Testimonial

In this energetic business simulation all of the 10 people in each team were fully engaged performing different functions but working towards their common goal. Despite being indoors, this was an incredibly realistic experience!


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