Escape the Maze

Action packed, GPS triggered escape trail that challenges teams to puzzle their way back to reality.

1 - 3 hours
Competitive / Collaborative
8 - Unlimited


Escape the Maze invites you to navigate through a real-world adventure trail in order to escape a virtual world maze on a tablet-based app. Armed with a pack full of gadgets and gizmos, you must decipher secret codes and complete challenges in order to pass the virtual checkpoints and move forward in the game. Each game section is designed to challenge participants team dynamics and ability to communicate. This outdoor team building game asks teams to race around real-world terrain in search for the GPS triggered checkpoints and challenges in which they eventually find the exit and Escape the Maze.

Teams must choose their answers carefully as some checkpoints can open lucky secret alternative short cuts but also disastrous diversions for the not so lucky. Every action has a reaction so teams must tread carefully but quickly.

Learning Outcomes

Escape the Maze is a fast-paced and highly interactive problem solving team building game. Participants must work together as they are required to make decisions under pressure. Trust, leadership and being openminded are essential. As a competitive exercise, Escape the Maze demonstrates that communication, time management and accountability are key. If you are seeking a collaborative exercise, the teams can approach the GPS triggered challenges at the same time, sharing knowledge and learning from their successes and failures. The in-app messaging feature allows them to do this. Whether competitive or collaborative, the biggest learning outcomes is that teams need to work together at the end in order to save themselves.

Related Testimonial

Our millennial staff were immediately engaged in working through the multi-faceted puzzles. A practical enhancement of their effective communication, team dynamics, innovative thinking and problem solving skills.


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