Flat Out Afloat

Teams construct and race a seaworthy boat

1 - 2 hours
20 - Unlimited


Make the impossible, possible with the world’s most innovative and thrilling “create your own boat” team building activity. In teams, you will be required to carefully select a design, collect a variety of unique and unusual materials to construct their very own seaworthy vessel. Encouraging key elements such as effective communication, cross functional cooperation and leadership skills - teams will be put to the test under timed pressure to bring their vessel to life. Teams will test their fully constructed vessel in a pool, lake or even the open sea for the moment of truth!

Learning Outcomes

Collaboration and coordination within the teams are essential and these skills will be the core of the event as a whole. Touching on leadership and planning, creativity and working to a deadline, Flat Out Afloat will bring out the best of these skills in all participants, even in those least expected! With a highly engaging, competitive finale that is sure to get the entire crowd cheering along, Flat Out Afloat will provide a team building experience unlike any other.

Related Testimonial

Our team really did bond. The activity was well structured and organised and took every member into account in all respects. People are still buzzing saying they achieved something their thought wouldn't be possible with people they hadn't worked with before.

Reckitt Benckiser

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