Puppet Masters

Teams use teamwork to create and manipulate gigantic puppets

2 - 3.5 hours
Indoors and Outdoors
15 - Unlimited


A collaborative, construction team building activity with a rewarding, memorable finale! Delegates are divided into teams and given the kit and props necessary to make a gigantic puppet. They must discuss the construction guidelines and divide into sub-teams, each taking ownership of building a piece of the puppet. Teams must assemble and decorate their puppet before standing him and manipulating simple human actions.

It is vital that teams break down the construction step by step. To be successful, they must act as the nerve centre for the puppet and manoeuvre him/her to make human-like actions, poses and gestures.

Learning Outcomes

Puppet Masters invites your team to release their creativity and innovative skills. All team members must be involved in the strategy and planning process. They must decide as a team how they will construct and manipulate the puppet. This experience demands high spirits, good teamwork, excellent operational skills and exemplary communication skills. Puppet Masters isn’t all about serious teamwork as team members have a laugh together as they manipulate different parts of the puppets body - blowing kisses, waving or walking! Spirits are definitely high towards the closing moments of the experience as the puppet struts their stuff on the catwalk to a song of their choice!

Related Testimonial

The things we learned from Puppet Masters have become an important metaphor for us to use in bringing awareness back to the importance of teamwork and a "Walk Your Talk" attitude to the team.

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