Robot Revolution

Build working robots and program them to complete a series of challenges

1 - 3 hours
6 - Unlimited


In this robotics team building challenge, participants take on the role of a group of scientists. After being split into teams, delegates are asked to take on the challenge of programming a collaborative work robot or ‘COBOT’. Each group must build their robot utilising our dedicated Robot Revolution iPad App, complete with 3D, 360° construction blueprint. Upon completing the initial build, teams are then charged with programming the robot using a huge selection of pre-loaded robotic actions, creating systems and functions for the robot to complete increasingly complex tasks in an attempt to win the esteemed ROBEL prize for technology.

Operated entirely via Bluetooth, the robots are capable of a host of different actions – the imagination of the delegates is the only limit. The robot team building activity reaches its exciting conclusion when the work of the participants is put to the test as each robot is put through a challenging obstacle course. Boasting an energetic atmosphere and exciting grand finale, Robot Revolution is guaranteed to engage attendees and create a memorable experience which will be spoken about for years to come.

Learning Outcomes

Robot Revolution provides delegates with an absorbing platform to develop key business skills, utilising a practical and tactile application to practice critical and logical thinking. Decision making skills are called upon when it comes to the coding and programming section of the event, requiring effective communication and strategic planning. Individual strengths also play a major role in this experiential robot team building activity, with teams having to identify each other’s talents and abilities to perform in the most effective way possible. Above all, the application of consistent focus whilst working with a high attention to detail will challenge your team, helping to highlight the importance of overall collaborative objectives, and reducing the impact or presence of silo mentality.

Corporate Social Responsibility Outcomes

As a further addition to this event, the finished robots can be donated to a local children’s charity, school or home. With the added advantage of the Robot Revolution App being made accessible to the children that receive your donated Robots, they too can enjoy the pleasure of programming and coding their very own robotic actions, potentially inspiring the next tech-generation of the future.

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What a novel, engaging experience, Robot Revolution is. We had so much fun and learned so much. We left feeling like experts!

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