Toy Factory

Teams identify components, take on roles forming a production line producing toys for charity.

2 - 3 hours
10 - Unlimited


Designed to engage participants by both appealing to their nostalgia and presenting a tactile team challenge, Toy Factory is a construction driven activity that asks participants build classic toys from their past. Initially, delegates are split into teams and given a bag of wooden components which they must construct and decorate to create a set of attractive, memorable children’s toys. The components are wildly different and offer no order but through teamwork, planning and a set of blueprints, each group must identify the various pieces and develop a system for assembling them. The result is a conveyor belt approach, with each team member playing a key role in the success of the group.

Upon completion of the toys, attendees are then challenged to develop original, creative and educational games using each of their new creations. Concluding with an entertaining finale where each team demonstrates their newly designed games and activities, this is an informal team event which inspires and engages.

Learning Outcomes

Toy Factory presents a range of challenges for participants to overcome using key business skills, developing multiple abilities that can translate into the workplace. Leadership and planning are essential in developing effective production lines for the toys, whilst quality control is emphasised to ensure that the games and activities can be played correctly. Similarly, the nature of the products being for children amplifies a customer-centric thought process, particularly as the toys will make a real impact for disadvantaged young people. With the motivation of doing social good, there is extra care, attention to detail and effort put into Toy Factory which amplifies the development opportunities participants can learn from. Wherever you choose to introduce this team building exercise, it is sure to leave a lasting impression that boosts morale, workplace positivity and a range of soft skills.

Corporate Social Responsibility Outcomes

The toys produced during Toy Factory, along with any additional resources made during the game creation section, are donated to local causes of your choice. This can be a charity, school, hospital, home or other establishment, ensuring that the efforts of your team are both benefitting your organisation and making a difference in the wider world.

Related Testimonial

Thanks for suggesting Toy Factory. Not only did we learn more about working together and readdress our attitude towards customers but we all finished the event feeling like we had done something to put a smile on the faces of kids in need. Great feel good factor for our team.


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