Corporate Team Building Days

An off-site or staff away day is an opportunity for networking and team bonding.

An effective team building day has the power to not only unite your employees and foster a sense of community, but also to develop valuable workplace skills and abilities. That’s why we’ve spent years perfecting our events and increasing our range of available team building products to account for all businesses and all situations.

Above all else, an effective team building day will bring together fun and engaging activities with valuable learning objectives, growing employees' skillsets whilst they take part. Utilise the assistance of our expert team building facilitators to help you create the perfect team building day that is tailored to your needs.

Team Building Objectives and Event Focus

Here at Catalyst Team Building UK, we have been observing and analysing teams for over two decades, discovering what works, what doesn’t and most importantly, why a team is successful. Each one of our team building events and activities is tailor-made with development in mind, enabling you to see exactly what skills your team will be practising.

This is essential when it comes to hosting a successful corporate team building day because it enables employers to analyse weak points whilst simultaneously encouraging self-analysis and growth within employees. With Catalyst Team Building UK, it’s easy to shape your team building day around your objectives as each and every one of our team building products comes complete with a predefined list of learning and development outcomes.

In every aspect of organising an effective development day, the objectives and focus must be kept in mind to optimise the whole experience. We’re happy to help you at every stage, from organisation to execution, so don’t hesitate to Contact Us with any questions you may have.

Team Building Day Structure

Structuring your team building day can often be much more difficult than expected. After deciding on a day and a location, it's time to consider what you want to include. Activities and events vary greatly, particularly with a range as broad as ours, so it’s best to use knowledge of your employees and your aims to filter the options down.

Start with objectives. Use our event finder to filter the potential events based on what you would like your employees to practice and perfect. After this, you can start to filter further based on what you know your employees enjoy. Some teams are extremely active and sporty, whilst others prefer puzzles and brain teasers – these details are what will take your team building day from average to memorable.

Finally, consider how many events you would like to include in the day. Some of our events have a very short duration, whilst others take the entire day. After filtering the perfect events down, it’s easy to see your options and create the perfect schedule.

4 Steps to an Exceptional Corporate Team Building Day

1. Select an objective to focus on; how would you like your employees to develop?

2. Find a Catalyst Team Building UK event that incorporates your needs and will engage your staff

3. Make use of our expert management team to help organise your day

4. Get involved whilst we run your incredible team building day

The Catalyst Effect

Catalyst Team Building UK is considered the world leader in effective and innovative team building. With representatives in over 40 countries, our philosophy is to supply expert advice and bespoke activities tailored to you. Our high-quality event delivery, large range of options and bank of experience has positioned us as respected experts in our field, hosting masterclasses around the globe.

We have the knowledge, facilities and equipment to help any business organise the best corporate team building day possible. Get in touch and we would be happy to advise you on the best way to achieve your goals.

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