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What skills are required to be a great leader

Leadership is about motivating and equipping people to reach their full potential in achieving an overarching goal. Read more

How to Create the Perfect Team Building Christmas Party

Christmas is a time for cheer and festivity, so let our Christmas team building games begin! Read more

Make Your End of Year Party a Success

Careful forward planning for the festive season is the best way to minimise issues. Read more

How Leadership Team Building Impacts Employee Morale

Explore how our leadership team building activities can improve your team collaboration. Read more

Why Incorporating Wellness into Your Team Building is Essential

Show your employees that their wellbeing is important to you with dedicated mindfulness team building. Read more

Developing Effective Virtual Teams

Virtual teams benefit exponentially from getting together face-to-face and participating in experiential learning that model desired team behaviour. Read more

5 Great Health and Wellbeing Strategies to Try at Work

Discover great techniques for improving employee health and wellbeing within the workplace. Read more

How Team Building Promotes Wellness in the Workplace

Explore the benefits of team building activities on health and wellness within the workplace environment. Read more

​Destress & refresh with mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness meditation produces positive effects on psychological wellbeing that extend beyond the actual meditation. Read more

How Team Building Affects Employee Performance

Discover how team building events can have a notable impact on employee performance and efficiency. Read more

Wellbeing for healthier, happier, harmonious & productive teams

Physical, mental, financial, spiritual and emotional health are important to employee engagement, retention and performance. Read more

How Playing Games Can Improve Teamwork

Played right, games are not only a short break from real work, they are a tool to create a better reality. The discoveries made and skills earned will be “saved” in your brain for a use in other situations. Read more